Download-Stream “MAGAZINES”

#PetScansEP – Coming Fall 2013

The Hongs are pleased to announce that after a few pretty serious summertime studio recording sessions, they are  FINALLY ready to begin releasing new music  for your streaming, downloading, and listening pleasure.

Download-Stream: “Magazines” The Hongs via PureHoney 24: Two Year Anniversary Compilation


“Magazines” is playful disco with of quirky textures & adventurous songwriting, millions of lightyears away  from those found in disco’s heyda. Finally, Aaron Lebos’ melodically rich guitar solo that ends the song on a high note.” Robbie Nevel

GDM (bass/vocals) Lebos/Escanes (guitar) with Didi Gutman (synths/keyboards) & Aaron “Abomb” Johnston (drums) of Brazilian Girls. Produced by RITZ. Tracked at Mother Brain Studios. Mixed by GDM at South Beach Studios.